Have you ever circled the block tirelessly, searching for that parking spot, only to find it taken just as you approach? It’s not just frustrating; it’s a significant waste of time and fuel. In fact, studies suggest that a staggering percentage of urban traffic is just drivers looking for parking.

But what if technology could streamline this process, making parking as seamless as checking your email?

The Current State of Parking

Across the globe, parking spaces are not utilized to their fullest potential. Shopping center lots are often full during peak hours but sit empty at other times. Corporate parking garages face a similar dilemma with spaces going unused as employees travel for work or take sick days. Our philosophy is simple: maximize the use of existing parking spaces to adapt to these fluctuating demands.

Our Solution: Maximizing Efficiency with IoT

To share parking spaces effectively, we need to know whether they’re currently occupied. That’s where our IoT parking sensors come into play, providing real-time data on space availability.

How Our IoT Parking Sensors Work?

Our parking sensors are like metal detectors for cars. They use the magnetic field to sense when a large metal object, like a car, is present. Here’s how it unfolds in three scenarios:

  1. The Standard Check: When a car parks over a sensor, the presence of metal disrupts the magnetic field, signaling that the spot is taken.
  1. The High Ride Dilemma: What if a vehicle is too high off

the ground? If the car is tall and the sensor’s magnetic field isn’t disrupted enough, our system doesn’t stop there. It switches to a backup plan and emits a radar pulse. If the radar bounces back from a vehicle, the space is confirmed as occupied. If not, it’s open for the taking.

  1. Radar-Only Mode: For consistent monitoring, our sensors can be set to ‘radar-only’ mode. In this setting, the sensor continuously sends out radar signals to detect if a space is occupied, ensuring accuracy regardless of vehicle size or type.

By implementing these IoT parking sensors, we’re revolutionizing parking lots and garages. Now, spaces can be shared and utilized more efficiently, reducing the time spent searching for parking and cutting down on traffic congestion. It’s not just about saving a few minutes; it’s about transforming our approach to urban space management.

Struggle with Parking? We’ve Got You Covered!

Tired of the parking hunt? Our IoT solutions pave the way for a smoother, smarter parking experience. If you’re looking for advice on managing parking spaces or want to learn more about our technology, reach out to us. Let’s drive the change together!