Valencia, Spain – Fleximodo’s mission to revolutionize the parking management industry through innovative IoT technologies recently took us to Valencia, eMobility Expo. The place that underscored the importance of collaboration and technological advancement in shaping the future of mobility.

Strengthening Bonds with Park4Dis

Fleximodo’s commitment to creating an inclusive and accessible digital parking experience has been beautifully illustrated through our collaboration with Park4Dis, spearheaded by the visionary Carlo Castellano. Park4Dis, an initiative dedicated to empowering over 15 million drivers with reduced mobility across Europe, aims to dismantle barriers and foster independence for individuals and families facing mobility challenges.

Bohdan Jacos, Head of Fleximodo, and Carlo Castellano, CEO & Founder of Park4Dis, met at the eMobility Expo 2024 in Valencia to discuss future collaborations.

This partnership aligns seamlessly with Fleximodo’s purpose, as our advanced IoT parking sensors and devices are not merely tools for digitization but gateways to freedom, independence, and equality. By integrating our technology with Park4Dis’s platform, we are setting a new standard for what it means to make a real difference in people’s lives through innovation and empathy.

Park4dis has more than 45 thousand parking spaces reserved for PRMs in more than 300 municipalities in 9 European countries through collaborations and agreements with Municipalities and Public Administrations throughout Spain.

Showcasing at the eMobility World Congress: Towards a Sustainable Future

Fleximodo’s journey also led us to the eMobility World Congress in Valencia, a gathering that stands at the forefront of sustainable transport evolution. This event brought together key players from the mobility and energy sectors to discuss the future of transport – a future that is autonomous, electrified, efficient, and, most importantly, sustainable.

Technology and regulation for more sustainable mobility, Source:

The Congress served as a vital platform for Fleximodo to engage with the latest solutions for electric, autonomous, and connected vehicles, highlighting our role in the broader context of sustainable mobility. Our participation underscores our belief that the path to a climate-neutral continent is paved with innovation, collaboration, and a collective effort from both the public and private sectors.

Why It Matters?

Fleximodo’s encounters at the eMobility World Congress and our partnership with Park4Dis is a testament to our dedication to making a tangible impact. It reflects our vision of a world where technology serves humanity, facilitating not just easier parking but a more connected, accessible, and sustainable world.

As we continue to develop and integrate cutting-edge IoT devices to digitize parking, our experiences in Valencia have reinforced our resolve to lead the charge in creating a digital parking experience that stands for more than convenience. It stands for a future where technology is a bridge to a better, more inclusive world.

Stay tuned to our blog for more updates on our journey towards redefining parking management with smart, sustainable solutions that benefit everyone.